For the first time ever, Battle Rapping without boundaries 

For the first time ever, any rapper, with or without industry contacts, can be heard and battle their way to become a National Champion.

BattleMe is a mobile application that allows rappers to record freestyles and “battle rap” their friends and users on the app. BattleMe acts as a mobile studio and gives rappers the opportunity to rap over a plethora of standard or user-created beats, so it is for producers as well. After a rapper has chosen a beat, recorded a track, and uploaded it, he can challenge another rapper one-on-one. Once that rapper has chosen a beat, recorded a track, and uploaded it, BattleMe users vote on who they think recorded the better rap. BattleMe holds weekly tournaments with a theme that rappers must integrate into their freestyles. BattleMe users vote on the winner who is announced and recognized at the end of every week.

BattleMe- A Mobile App For Battle Rap from Battleme Team on Vimeo.

BattleMe launches first ever virtual battle rap tournament

In addition to this, BattleMe is hosting a Nationwide Rap Tournament beginning in Texas this summer. Rappers from 16 different regions around the nation can compete against their peers for recognition with the winners of each region being entered into a national bracket to compete for a $5,000 cash prize. Celebrity judges will judge the final rounds of each regional tournament and the final national bracket. This tournament aims to be the first of its kind, giving rappers from across the country the opportunity to rap battle with their fellow rappers.

BattleMe has launched a National Rap tournament allowing rappers and producers to collaborate and battle with their cross-country comrades.